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    Big Bore

    PBBA produces a high-quality
    customizable line of airguns.

    Check out the .308 and .457
    cal Rifles and truly innovative
    20 Gauge Air Shotgun today.

  • 45 cal Bullet Molds

    NEW .457 cal
    Bullet Molds!

    Cast your own bullets for
    your 45 cal big bore airguns
    like the Airforce 45 Texan or
    PBBA Pro457 with our new
    Bullet molds from NOE.

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    Deer Hunt

    Professional Big Bore Airguns
    is raffling off a free Axis Hunt!

    Buy any PBBA Airgun
    for your chance to win!

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Welcome to Airhog Pneumatics, a worldwide supplier of portable high-pressure air delivery systems and equipment. Whether you are looking for commercial industrial high-pressure gas solutions or are engaged in sporting activities such as scuba diving or pneumatic (PCP) air gunning, Airhog's valves, fittings, compressors, and light-weight carbon fiber tanks are the ideal solution for all your high-pressure air or gas handling needs.