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    Airhog is having a sale on the
    2015 model PBBA Shotguns!
    These models are not threaded
    with a choke like the new models.

    You can also get a free small tank set with code FREE14CUFT at checkout

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    Deer Hunt

    Professional Big Bore Airguns
    is raffling off a free Axis Hunt!

    Buy any PBBA Airgun
    for your chance to win!

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Welcome to Airhog Pneumatics, a worldwide supplier of portable high-pressure air delivery systems and equipment. Whether you are looking for commercial industrial high-pressure gas solutions or are engaged in sporting activities such as scuba diving or pneumatic (PCP) air gunning, Airhog's valves, fittings, compressors, and light-weight carbon fiber tanks are the ideal solution for all your high-pressure air or gas handling needs.